For you to qualify for VtFH you must be prepared. This is an organised clan that isn't 'just for a game o' search' To get in, you will be tested on the following:

Skill Level

Overall Match Score

Personality (If the recruit has a headset)

If you do not have a headset it is highly recommended that you purchase one.

Losing the tryout match does not automatically disqualify recruits from the clan, spectators will put together their thoughts on how the potential recruit had played and determine whether or not to pass or fail the player. In the event you fail the tryout, you have as many opportunities as you need to repeat the tryout. If we see potential in a player, we will arrange to have a more experienced clan member teach how to improve tactics. If you pass, you will be able to have 'VtFH' as your clan tag without us really caring about 'the ones that 'join' your clan because you're good'.

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