There is a list of people and 'winning strategies' that VtFH can get sick of, very quickly. These include:

Noobs (in general) which divides into:




Desperados (Basically rushers with G18 Akimbo's)

'Trappers' (Campers except they wait just outside your spawn)


6 year olds (mostly ninth prestige, or using their brother's account)

Other clans that love theirselves and each other, and think they can beat us at level 20 or under.

People with the 'spinning 10th emblem'


The ones who only sit in the quickscope lobbies and play in them all day week day.

The ones who have only classes with quickscoping features

We are planning on making pages, with info and strategies to beat them, in the near future like we did in the old +vT+ wiki.

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